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montessori puzzle ball

Sale price$28.00

color:baby blue
wrist movement
motor skills
sensory play
grasp + hold

Your little one will love this soft Montessori puzzle ball with sensory beads inside. The mix of teddy and baby plush textures will stimulate your baby's fingertips, and like many of our products, MONTI can be used through different stages of development.

Beginning at 3 months, it is great for bedside comfort when they start feeling the world out with their hands and feet. At around 5-6 months, they’ll begin grasping and practicing their very first motor skills. The shape makes it particular easy to be hold.

When your children grow, they can throw, and eventually learn to put it together/ take it apart like a puzzle. This is a great play-alone material and it will provide the right amount of incentive for your baby to learn to have fun on his/her own!

Approx 4"

MONTI Sale price$28.00