Take our PLAY collection as an example: when we were designing our play objects, we want put the power of fun back into the paws and your hands. For decades, Montessori schools have demonstrated the impressive potential of open-ended materials in motivating kids to be more creative and inquisitive about the items with which they play.  We've taken this idea and applied it to our pet products. By shifting the focus from human aesthetic appeal to improved functionality, sustainability and maximized fluffball satisfaction, we're introducing a different approach to pet care and enrichment. 

The point is to enjoy these things with our furry companions, right? That’s why our concept nurtures the bond between people and their little angels by presenting a whole new way to interact with them. Our walk sets were developed from a modular system that makes it easier for pet owners to assemble the perfect kit to meet the fashion and exercise needs of both dogs and their humans. And our create-your-own play objects offer many ways of #playtolearn and is designed for the owners to be part of the game as well for a quality bonding time spent together.


One of the biggest factors for us in starting this all was to make sure it felt like a community. Beyond just making unique things and sharing them, we wanted who stumbled across us to feel comfortable sharing stories about theirs. We do collaborations with our brands who we share values with and artists who inspires us regularly to enrich the experience of our customers. The difference between buying from a small business versus a megastore lies in the willingness to put trust forward and connect with a stranger in quite a heart-warming way. So don't be a stranger!


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