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Our Story


This is the very first thing I made for Mia when she was 3 months old. As someone who would shop the internet rentlessly for one thing, I was ulterly frustrated with the many harnesses I bought for Mia. They were all well made products but I just cannot seem to find the one with a perfect fit for her. One strap was too long or the proportions are just off for her and she would walk with a "off-shoulder" harness looking clumsy.

So, as someone who spent way too much time making stuffs in art schools, I decided to make her one that will fit her real snug. The pleasure one gets from making something from scratch is irreplaceable. It is similar to growing a fruit tree from a pit, cooking a meal with every single ingredient sourced with care and to the point, just like raising a pet. Living in a time when everything is ready-to-eat/ wear/ ship and expected to be instantly gratified makes this little pure joy extra precious.

2020 was a difficult year and like many others, what my life used to revolve around changed drastically. Leaving the metropolitan life to live in the mountains, our priorities shifted from trying to be more content than successful. There had been an awful period of void and confusion as to how we can restructure this new life, and right there came our little lambwolf Mia and I cannot be more grateful. Making things with my own hands for a loved one brings me an incredible amount of comfort and a weird sense of confidence that everything will be okay. And silently then, it was the start of this all.



Certainly I am just one of those who named my business after a dog, but here's more. As someone who lived between cultures and is often attracted to way too many things, I constantly found my identity in flux. What I learned after years of battling myself is that there is absolutely no need to fit myself or anyone in a single category. It is not mandatory to answer who I am when I can just express myself in an infinite amount of ways.

The beauty in it all is the contradictions. You can be a gentle little lamb but also a wild wolf or anything in between. Nothing should be exclusive or tagged. The littlest things about ourselves are as important as the holy grail of sexual and racial equality. We all, as first time humans, don't have to be consistent to succeed, to be recognized, worthy of love or to receive empathy. To be yourself if a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Lambwolf is a simple reminder of that for myself. 



One of the biggest factors for me in starting this all was to make sure it felt like a community. Beyond just making unique things and sharing them from my life, I wanted who stumbled across us to feel comfortable sharing stories about theirs. The difference between buying from a small business versus a megastore lies in the willingness to put trust forward and connect with a stranger in quite a heart-warming way. So don't be a stranger!